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Over 3,100 Fans!
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Whether you are a nihonshu novice
or saké sensei,
anyone that’s a fan
of “Miyagi Saké” is welcome to join.

  • Miyagi Junmai Club  'Minori no Utage'

    Miyagi Junmai Club
    “Minori no Utage”

  • Members Only Saké Tasting

    Members Only
    Saké Tasting

  • Miyagi Saké Appraisal Competition

    Miyagi Saké
    Appraisal Competition

What is the
”Miyagi Saké Supporters Club?”


  • Anyone over the age of 20 can join.
  • No sign-up fee or annual fee is required.
  • We will inform you of Miyagi Saké news and upcoming events held by our association.
  • e hold “Members Only” events and seminars.

”Miyagi Saké Supporters Club”
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