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[ Kannari, Kurihara City ]

Hagino Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Hagino Shuzo

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In Pursuit of Saké
That Becomes Part of Your Routine
Which is Enjoyed Freely without Concern

Kannariarikabe, Kurihara City invokes the original image of the post town that flourished on the Oshu Highway during the Edo period (1603-1868). Hagino Shuzo is located opposite the former Arikabe Honjin (Japanese inn). It was founded by the Sato family, who was called Waki Honjin (nearby inn).
The concept of "saké that seems to float in the green rural landscape" creates a feeling of brewing among the blessings of nature and a landscape of surrounding mountains and rice fields. The water used for brewing is the soft water of Reido Stream which is drawn from the mountain owned by the brewery. The main rice grains used are Miyama Nishiki and Kuranohana, which are also sourced from local contract farmers.
Our flagship brand "Haginotsuru" is a stylish saké with a gentle aroma and a refreshing taste. Another brand, "Hiwata," has a characteristically strong umami rice flavor. Both are saké which pair well with food, which you can easily enjoy every day without growing tired of.

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"Hiwata," a Saké with its Own Personality.
Saké Brewing You Can Enjoy Yamahai Style.

"Hiwata" is a new brand launched by Yohei Sato, the eldest son of the Sato family. After graduating from the brewing department of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Yohei returned to the brewery as managing director and created the brand. The meaning of the brand name means "a circular field where grain dedicated to the ancient gods is grown." Furthermore, the concept also emphasizes that people are brought together in a “circle” thanks to the blessings of the sun and rice fields.
“I was always fumbling around trying to come up with something,” remarks Sato, recalling the brand’s beginnings under his own saké brewing. After 10 years of trial and error since its launch, it was decided to "brew saké using the kimoto method." The reason is that kimoto saké is rich in personality and easy to understand for drinkers, so they can enjoy saké brewing more. Although making kimoto saké takes much more time and effort, it produces a deep flavor.

The brewery was newly constructed in 2012, after being destroyed due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake a year earlier. The brewery was able to recover efficiently with a small number of people. Now the brewers aim for a stable production of high quality saké, while maintaining the belief that good things are made little by little by hand.

Recommended Products

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    Hagi no Tsuru Junmai Daiginjo

    The fancy aroma of this saké is subdued to highlight its graceful and clean characteristics. The saké boasts a long-lasting aftertaste which seems to never end.

    • Alcohol content:16% Alc./vol.
    • Rice-polishing ratio:40%
    • Rice type:Miyamanishiki
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    Hagi no Tsuru Junmai Ginjo

    A junmai ginjo brewed with daiginjo yeast developed in Miyagi. The gorgeous aroma and delicate sweetness make this an easy-to-drink saké for almost anyone.

    • Alcohol content:15% Alc./vol.
    • Rice-polishing ratio:50%
    • Rice type:Miyamanishiki

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Hagino Shuzo Co., Ltd.

52 Kannariarikabe Shinmachi, Kurihara, Miyagi, Japan 989-4806

: 0228-44-2214


Founded in 1840 at the end of the Edo period, across from the former Arikabe Honjin, a Japanese inn. The flagship brand is “Haginotsuru,” which is derived from the old name of the area, Hagino Village. Saké brewing was suspended during the war, but resumed in 1948. After current a sake brewery owner Yohei Sato joined the brewery, the new brand "Hiwata," was added to the product line.
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